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Recent Submissions

  • Supplementary materials for machine learning-driven multifunctional peptide engineering for sustained ocular drug delivery 

    Chou, Renee Ti; Hsueh, Henry T.; Rai, Usha; Liyanage, Wathsala; Kim, Yoo Chun; Appell, Matthew B.; Pejavar, Jahnavi; Leo, Kirby T.; Davison, Charlotte; Kolodziejski, Patricia; Mozzer, Ann; Kwon, HyeYoung; Sista, Maanasa; Anders, Nicole M.; Hemingway, Avelina; Rompicharla, Sri Vishnu Kiran; Edwards, Malia; Pitha, Ian; Hanes, Justin; Cummings, Michael P.; Ensign, Laura M. (2023)
    Sustained drug delivery strategies have many potential benefits for treating a range of diseases, particularly chronic diseases that require treatment for years. For many chronic ocular diseases, patient adherence to eye ...
  • Development of cortical connections in the absence of NMDA receptors 

    Deng, Rongkang; Kao, Joseph; Kanold, Patrick (2022)
    Figure_data.mat has all the data points used to generate the boxplots and CDF plot. Data are stored in variables fX (X = 1 to 10) for each figure. plot_figureX.m (X = 1 to 10) can be used to regenerate boxplots and CDF plot.
  • Ascidian gene-expression profiles 

    Jeffery, William R (Springer Nature, 2002-09-25)
    With the advent of gene-expression profiling, a large number of genes can now be investigated simultaneously during critical stages of development. This approach will be particularly informative in studies of ascidians, ...
  • Visualization and analysis of microarray and gene ontology data with treemaps 

    Baehrecke, Eric H; Dang, Niem; Babaria, Ketan; Shneiderman, Ben (Springer Nature, 2004-06-28)
    The increasing complexity of genomic data presents several challenges for biologists. Limited computer monitor views of data complexity and the dynamic nature of data in the midst of discovery increase the challenge of ...
  • Simple statistical models predict C-to-U edited sites in plant mitochondrial RNA 

    Cummings, Michael P; Myers, Daniel S (Springer Nature, 2004-09-16)
    RNA editing is the process whereby an RNA sequence is modified from the sequence of the corresponding DNA template. In the mitochondria of land plants, some cytidines are converted to uridines before translation. Despite ...

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