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Nomadic Memorial: Dynamic Landscapes of Commemoration for the Civilian Public Service

dc.contributor.advisorDuempelmann, Sonjaen_US
dc.contributor.authorSickle, Matthew J.en_US
dc.description.abstractThis design-research thesis suggests the creation of a memorial commemorating the Civilian Public Service (CPS), a World War II era program of alternative service for conscientious objectors. Through an exploration of memorial culture, the thesis seeks to distinguish the commemoration of nonviolence from the commemoration of war and to propose a memorial that inspires its visitors to consider nonviolence and conscientious objection as positive aspects of American culture. To accomplish these goals, a memorial composed of modular commemorative elements was designed. Rearranging this kit of parts in combination with a new group of locally appropriate trees, the memorial will relocate to a different American city each year and return to Washington, D.C. every four years. With the growth of a new grove of trees and its donation to the neighborhood the memorial inhabits, the latter will draw attention to the history and the variety of services performed by the CPS.en_US
dc.titleNomadic Memorial: Dynamic Landscapes of Commemoration for the Civilian Public Serviceen_US
dc.contributor.publisherDigital Repository at the University of Marylanden_US
dc.contributor.publisherUniversity of Maryland (College Park, Md.)en_US
dc.contributor.departmentPlant Science and Landscape Architecture (PLSA)en_US
dc.subject.pqcontrolledLandscape architectureen_US
dc.subject.pqcontrolledAmerican historyen_US
dc.subject.pquncontrolledCivilian Public Serviceen_US
dc.subject.pquncontrolledconscientious objectionen_US

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