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Real-time decision aid display

dc.contributor.advisorMowrer, Frederick W.
dc.contributor.authorAu, Jennifer
dc.contributor.authorBonomo, Anthony
dc.contributor.authorFreyman, Laura
dc.contributor.authorKwong, Brian
dc.contributor.authorLi, Benjamin
dc.contributor.authorLieberman, Jessica
dc.contributor.authorMkrtchyan, Levon
dc.contributor.authorPrice, Michael
dc.contributor.authorSkoda, Andrew
dc.contributor.authorTellers, Mary
dc.contributor.authorTomaschko, Andrew
dc.contributor.authorWu, Johnny
dc.descriptionGemstone Team Future Firefighting Advancementsen_US
dc.description.abstractFire sensor systems effectively monitor the state of the building, detect fire, and alert occupants in the event of an emergency. However, fire sensor technology is limited in its ability to convey information to firefighters. Even though all of the necessary information can be obtained through Fire Annunciator Control Panels (FACPs), it is difficult to use them to track the progression of fire. We designed and prototyped a decision aid system to illustrate our approach to this problem. Our goal was to create a tactical decision aid display that can present building information through an intuitive interface in real time. We used previous research on the information needs of firefighters in designing the interface. Our key insight was to use a floor plan with a sensor information overlay to organize information. We implemented a prototype that interfaces with FACPs using existing facilities systems management communication protocols.en_US
dc.subjectfire sensorsen_US
dc.subjectdecision makingen_US
dc.subjectfire annunciator control panelsen_US
dc.subjectGemstone Team Future Firefighting Advancements
dc.titleReal-time decision aid displayen_US
dc.relation.isAvailableAtDigital Repository at the University of Maryland
dc.relation.isAvailableAtGemstone Program, University of Maryland (College Park, Md)

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