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    Born digital, born accessible: Making the documents and data in open scholarship accessible to all
    (2024-02-13) Lim, Adriene; Lazar, Jonathan; Rosen, Stephanie S.; Woodbrook, Rachel; Carpenter, Lindsay Inge
    The open scholarship / open science movement is based in part on the principle of equitable access to knowledge as a human right. But how equitable is that access if the documents and data produced in these frameworks are themselves not readily accessible to people with disabilities? In this webinar, experts will present the case for making the born-digital products of research accessible at the point of creation and will provide basic tools and techniques for making sure that born-digital documents and data are also accessible at the point of creation. This virtual workshop is sponsored by the UMD Libraries and UMD PACT and is part of a series of events at the University of Maryland commemorating the OSTP Year of Open Science.
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    Heeding the Call: A Status Report on the White House OSTP Public-Access Guidance and an Overview of Open Scholarship Tools and Platforms Available for Use by UMD Researchers
    (2023-11-16) Lim, Adriene; Cohen, Philip; Weiss, Sarah; Owen, Terry; Ball, Gregory
    This panel presentation includes the latest news about federal agencies’ responses to the OSTP’s “Nelson Memo” on public access to research publications and data and will include a practical overview of open scholarship tools and platforms that UMD researchers may wish to use now, including the Open Science Framework, DataCite, GitHub, Dryad, QDR, DRUM, and preprint repositories like SocArXiv. This online workshop is part of a series of webinars commemorating the OSTP’s Year of Open Science, and is sponsored by UMD PACT and the UMD Libraries.