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    Living Systems and Waste of reACT: Learning Module
    (2021-08-06) Bishop, Zachary; Lagomarsino, Matthew; Cossard, Patricia Kosco; Stoltz, Angela; May, Peter I; Hubbard, William; Harmon, Kyle; Newman, Rico; Brooks, Peter; Colston, Keith; Team reACT
    This learning module is an audiovisual presentation that describes the Living Systems of reACT and their connection to cultural principles of the Piscataway tribe. reACT, the University of Maryland competition house for the 2017 Solar Decathlon, includes many sustainability innovations and subsystems, including the innovative Living Systems. The Living Systems are a collection of plants and regenerative technologies within and around reACT that provide food and ecosystem services while transforming various wastes into resources. The purpose of this learning module is to describe the Living Systems in an accessible way that is understood by a broad, non-technical audience. By the end of the learning module, the audience will be able to 1) Understand the origins of reACT’s Living Systems, 2) Understand the core components of the Living Systems, 3) Realize the core themes within the Living Systems, 4) Understand how the Piscataway use native plants, 5) Be inspired to contribute to the sustainability field. This work advances scholarship related to how indigenous knowledge systems and wisdom can be applied to living practices within homes.