BCHS 2526 Health Disparities Research: Methods and Interventions

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Garza, Mary A. and Fryer, Craig S. (2008) BCHS 2526 Health Disparities Research: Methods and Interventions. [Teaching Resource]


This course will examine the challenges and methods in the implementation of health disparities research and interventions. It is intended to both complement and expand the knowledge gained in other BCHS courses by focusing specifically on minority/underserved populations. The course will explore readings and foster discussions that will include: ethics and research in minority/underserved communities; issues, barriers and facilitators to engaging minority/underserved communities in health research; examining basic research questions in minority health; understanding the application of research findings to program development; how to integrate theory and research, and issues and challenges of program implementation. An overarching goal is to increase awareness and knowledge of research on minority health, as well as unique issues to consider when engaging in public health research and practice in these communities. The purpose of this class is to introduce basic issues, challenges, and opportunities that are encountered in health disparities research and interventions. Current research and resources from minority health and health disparities literature will provide the background for student assignments.