Wilmer’s Park Inspiration Pop-Up


In order to contribute to the continuing scenario planning and development of the Wilmer’s Park historical site, students in Professor Brandon Donahue’s Art 427 Advanced Painting: Art and Community apply their course learnings in the form of airbrush application and painting.

Students researched the history of Wilmer’s Park, visited the site, met with relevant guests, and Prince George’s County staff familiar with the project. They used these experiences to translate the stories and memories of the park into an archive of 12 x 12 inch airbrush designs. These designs will cover a tent/canopy that will be used for a pop-up appearance at any event associated with Wilmer’s Park. The tent/canopy will serve as an archive of the “revival” of Wilmer’s Park’s legacy.


This project includes an archive of 12 x 12 inch airbrush designs meant to cover a tent/canopy that could be used for pop-up appearances at Wilmer’s Park events. The designs highlight the experience, history, and stories of the historic park.