Enterprise Network Models for Counterfeit Part Supply Chains Workshop Report

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Counterfeit electronic products have been a reality for many years. Nearly all of the treatment of this problem to date has focused on the detection of counterfeits, which is necessary, but a purely defensive step. Without a network model of the supply chain, disruptions can be haphazard and inadequately targeted. A network model that includes business strategies of distributors of obsolete parts, the ability of laboratories to detect counterfeit parts, impacts of buyback, and return policies is needed. The implications of enforcement (e.g., administrative, legal, or reputational) of anti-counterfeiting policies and the levels of penalties for supplying and accepting counterfeit parts also need to be accommodated in network models. The objective of the workshop is to examine enterprise network modeling as a tool for understanding and disrupting counterfeit electronics supply chains. Participants in the workshop included electronics supply-chain members from OCMs to users, supply-chain monitoring technology developers, academics, policymakers, legal and law enforcement, and other stakeholders.