Emotions in Polish and Lithuanian Social Media


We applied modern psychology theory of emotions and cross-cultural psychology methods to a range of issues surrounding emotions and social media. We developed an annotation guide for three languages and identified 365 Polish and 188 Lithuanian sociopolitical entities, and we developed a consensus annotated corpus for over 3,000 Polish and over 1,500 Lithuanian Facebook posts for emotional content, primary topic, post shares, and more. This corpus represents data we intend to have as sharable that was used in papers we hope to publish. More detail can be gained by reading the methodology description and by contacting the study PI, Susannah Paletz, at paletz@umd.edu.


Teams of trained, native coders in Poland and Lithuania independently annotated 3,659 Polish and 1,946 Lithuanian Facebook posts (in-language and in-country) including all multimedia content but not the comments. These data were sampled from a larger dataset pulled from specific Polish and Lithuanian sociopolitical entities from 2015-2020. These annotations were on a 0 (none) to 100 (most frequent/intense) for each 23 emotions (and Positive and Negative Other) for each post. They were also rated for the personal reactions using the same emotion scheme for each post, but that data are not shared here. The annotators also coded each post for media type (e.g., text and what type vs. not, image vs. not), language, and primary and secondary topic, with topic coded using an adapted and expanded version of the Comparative Agenda’s Project’s scheme. These independent annotations went through a consensus process, and only the consensus numbers are deposited here. More detail about the sampling, consensus process, and other methodological details are available via emailing paletz@umd.edu for draft papers. This corpus also includes the number of Facebook shares and different Facebook reactions along with other useful information (e.g., name of account, link to post).


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