System Architecture for the Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services


This design-oriented, community service project has the potential to improve productivity in Montgomery County's Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) by providing a central standardized management system. The project goal is to evaluate and assess existing cloudbased data storage systems for a future developer to implement. Client: Noune Sekhpossian, DHHS collects ongoing data to regulate whether its programs are following through with actions and results. It is important to frontline staff and to their managers, administrators, commissions, and elected officials. DHHS collects numerous metrics from its more than 130 direct service programs and its 700 contracted service providers. To improve productivity of DHHS staff, the team will design a way to more easily access and track performance measures and reports. The new system will be a cloud-based storage system that is archivable and compatible with industry-standard browsers. This storage system will provide adequate security and tools to perform any analysis or filtering DHHS may need. The proposed project will include an evaluation and assessment of existing cloud-based data storage systems that a future developer (e.g., MIM capstone students) will use as a first step in implementing the cloud-based system. The final document will be one component of a system synthesis that will include comprehensive cloud-based data storage, as well as user interface (UI) and business intelligence (BI) solutions for DHHS performance metrics.


Final project for INST490 (Spring 2018). University of Maryland, College Park.