Innovation Strategies for Digital Assets & Wealth Management


The University of Maryland ALP team serves as an independent research body to the Wealth ecosystem to explore Innovation Strategies for Digital Assets & Wealth Management. During the consult the team conducted a comprehensive case study to identify key data points for solution development which would support the incorporation of Cryptocurrencies into ‘traditional' financial advisory segments. The research is built in conjunction with industry leader Envestnet which specializes in the B2B FinTech, Wealth & Financial Advisory segments for independent advisors and high net worth individuals. The authors presents the essentials of the Wealth Management industry from the perspective of Registered Independent Advisor (RIA) firms that provide financial advice and planning for clients.


The core pillars of the project are separated into three parts which consist of Persona/User Research, Financial Valuation, and Crypto & Wealth Ecosystems. The research looks at the role of Technology and Digital Transformation in the Wealth Management industry in an attempt to demystify concepts crypto-related concepts that in-directly / directly impact Wealth Managers. Topics covered include (1) assessing the commonalities of the competitive landscape / market structure for Registered Investment Advisors providing insight into the potential for network effects and economies of scale. (2) Evaluating the crypto & wealth ecosystem utilizing public financial filings for Envestnet (Ticker: ENV) to provide a comprehensive viewpoint from the perspective of a Wealth Manager given its potential effect on advisory fee structures as more funds shift into digital assets. (3) Reviewing relevant crypto thesis' and solution-based approaches for Financial Advisors given the conservative nature of the Wealth Management industry and other wealth management industry participants for both regulated and unregulated environments.


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