Special Issue on Global Land Product Validation

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Morisette, J., F. Baret, and S. Liang, (2006),Special Issue on Global Land Product Validation, IEEE Transaction on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, 44 (7): 1695-1697



Overview of the Special Issue on Global Land Product Validation: In parallel with the recent bloom of sensors providing frequent medium-resolution observations (Fig. 1), global land products have been increasingly developed and released within the community. The raw data acquired by these sensors are transformed into higher level products that can be more easily exploited by the user community. In many cases, multiple products are developed from each sensor and similar products derived from different sensors. With this, users need access to quantitative information on product uncertainties to help them assess the most suitable product, or combination of products for their specific needs. As remote sensing observations are generally merged with other sources of information or assimilated within process models, evaluation of product accuracy is required. Making quantified accuracy information available to the user can ultimately provide developers the necessary feedback for improving the products, and can possibly provide methods for their fusion to construct a consistent long-term series of surface status.