AIDS Conspiracy Alive and Well in the Black Community

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Dawson, George (2005) AIDS Conspiracy Alive and Well in the Black Community. Journal of the National Medical Association, 97 (4). p. 451.


As the old saying goes, “Because you may, paranoidly, feel someone is after you? does not necessarily mean some one is not.” And this is apparently the feeling of a group of randomly sampled 500 African Americans, who participated in a phone survey on the subject. Remarkably, researchers somehow suggested that because of this notion of conspiracy by African Americans, some have become fatalistic in their approach to HIV/AIDS prevention measures. Therefore, they argue accounts for the high number or percentage of new HIV/AIDS infections in the United States. This reasoning, in my mind, does not make sense at all. The author’s own data noted that “75% of respondents believed that the government and healthagencies were working to stop the spread of AIDS in the black community.”