A call to action.

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Kirschstein, R L and Ruffin, J (2001) A call to action. Public health reports (Washington, D.C. : 1974), 116 (6). pp. 515-516.


While the diversity of the American population is one of the nation’s greatest assets, the profound disparity in health status across racial and ethnic populations is one of its greatest challenges. The country has entered the 21st century with such scientific and technological bounty that we should and must be able to assure good health and long life to all citizens. While the promise of health and longevity is a reality for millions of Americans, it is not for others. There are many examples: the number of African American men and particularly women with AIDS has increased substantially; Hispanic women are the least likely to use preventive services such as the Pap test, mammography, and clinical breast examination; the prevalence rate of diabetes among American Indians and Alaska Natives is more than twice that for the total U.S. population.