Landsat Analysis Ready Data for Global Land Cover and Land Cover Change Mapping

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Potapov, P.; Hansen, M.C.; Kommareddy, I.; Kommareddy, A.; Turubanova, S.; Pickens, A.; Adusei, B.; Tyukavina, A.; Ying, Q. Landsat Analysis Ready Data for Global Land Cover and Land Cover Change Mapping. Remote Sens. 2020, 12, 426.


The multi-decadal Landsat data record is a unique tool for global land cover and land use change analysis. However, the large volume of the Landsat image archive and inconsistent coverage of clear-sky observations hamper land cover monitoring at large geographic extent. Here, we present a consistently processed and temporally aggregated Landsat Analysis Ready Data produced by the Global Land Analysis and Discovery team at the University of Maryland (GLAD ARD) suitable for national to global empirical land cover mapping and change detection. The GLAD ARD represent a 16-day time-series of tiled Landsat normalized surface reflectance from 1997 to present, updated annually, and designed for land cover monitoring at global to local scales. A set of tools for multi-temporal data processing and characterization using machine learning provided with GLAD ARD serves as an end-to-end solution for Landsat-based natural resource assessment and monitoring. The GLAD ARD data and tools have been implemented at the national, regional, and global extent for water, forest, and crop mapping. The GLAD ARD data and tools are available at the GLAD website for free access.