Sewer System Alternatives Evaluation for Potential Creswell Area Expansion in Harford County


This report summarizes the findings of the ENCE422 Fall 2018 class term project. Students were tasked with evaluating sewer system alternatives for the Creswell area expansion in Harford County. Student groups were to consider environmental impacts, community/social impacts, and perform financial analysis for the alternatives they chose to evaluate. This report extracts information from 14 separate team presentations and synthesizes it around the following structure; 1. Systems that Utilize Septic Tanks a. Traditional Septic System b. Orenco Effluent System c. Small Diameter Gravity Sewer System 2. System that Do Not Utilize Septic Tanks a. Traditional Gravity System b. Vacuum System c. Grinder Pump System


Final project for ENCE422: Project Cost Accounting and Economics (Fall 2018). University of Maryland, College Park.