The Need of Health Education Among Negroes

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Jackson, Algernon B. (1924) The Need of Health Education Among Negroes. Opportunity. pp. 235-240.


I have a habit of saying that I should much prefer seeing my boy or girl the possessor of the C.B.H. degree – clean bill of health – than an A.B. degree without the C.B. H. One is essential in order to get most out of and put most into life. The other is not. You do not have to possess a college degree to be a regular human being, but you must have health. From what I so often see I am sometimes inclined to think a degree frequently stands between certain persons and that attribute of humanness which should always be the highest concept of true education. In the light of present day thought any scholastic process which neglects to inspire the student with an appreciation and love for personal health and a regard for the health of his fellowman is nothing short of an absolute failure.