Anne Arundel County Transit Accessibility Analysis and Map Consolidation


Currently, Anne Arundel County has multiple state and local transit systems that serve its residents, but no single resource that provides information on all of them. The team has been tasked with creating a consolidated transit map, assessing transit accessibility, and making recommendations for improving transit access. Anne Arundel County residents, city officials, and tourists will benefit from bridging the gap between accessibility and mobility with a modern transportation map. Our final product will provide users with an online, user-friendly, and interactive application. This application will visually integrate various transit systems to create an intermodal regional network map. The online map includes features that help users discern route schedules, estimate their location in relation to transit stops, and visualize links to other regional transportation networks. This consolidated map will be an invaluable resource to transit users in Anne Arundel County. We also investigated some transportation challenges within Anne Arundel County as it moves towards a more comprehensive program. Though the current transportation network serves many populated regions of the county, there are also areas with important amenities that lack connectivity. These gaps and some potential remedies are also addressed in this report. This analysis will aid planners and county officials as they approach transportation issues in the future. PALS SUMMARY: The foremost goal of this project was to prepare a consolidated transit map for Anne Arundel County. In completing this task, we were able to examine some of the underlying data that structures the network. The scrutiny of the underlying data compelled us to create worker and population distribution maps with the transit network overlay. This visualization allows us to make recommendations and see room for improvements.


Final project for URSP688L: Planning Technologies (Fall 2016). University of Maryland, College Park.