Streambank and Road Erosion in Harford County


As part of the Fall 2018 URSP 688L Planning Technology class, students from the graduate Community Planning program at the University of Maryland worked with the Partnership for Action Learning in Sustainability (PALS) program to use applied computer mapping tools to address a streambank erosion project in Harford County, Maryland. Working with ArcGIS, our team identified vulnerable roadways in Harford County at risk from streambank erosion. Using the software’s tools, our team identified a total of 438 vulnerable roadways, which were then ranked by their total potential risk. Our team presented this information and ranking system so Harford County could address these roadways. It is our hope that this information proves useful to the County to address issues before they occur. We provided the County with a geodatabase that contains final spatial information, additional shapefiles that outline our technical process, and a metadata file. We also created an online presentation, which is accessible through ArcGIS Online at:


Final project for URSP688L: Recent Developments in Urban Studies: Planning Technologies (Fall 2018). University of Maryland, College Park.