State Profiles: Minority Health and Health Equity Offices

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The National Conference of State Legislatures (2011) State Profiles: Minority Health and Health Equity Offices. UNSPECIFIED.


All 50 states have a minority health or health equity office or entity (usually a point of contact). These offices have various titles; some are established as official minority health entities (such as an office, commission, council, center, branch, project or other unit) by the governor, legislature, or, in the case of one state, the federal Office of Minority Health. All of these offices share a common goal to improve health disparities within their state. However, each state has a unique way of addressing issues that are most pressing among their needy populations. Many states are moving toward the idea of health equity instead of health disparities in hope to put a more positive spin on addressing health care and ultimately, eliminating racial and ethnic disparities in health. Below is the contact information for directors along with a detailed description of state actions that created these offices.