Kendell Goes Back To School

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Dennis, Alicia and Schindehette, Susan (2007) Kendell Goes Back To School. People.


Ten-year-old Kendell Lewis hops down from the steps of his trailer to take a visitor on a child's-eye tour of what remains, and what is gone, from the streets of his old neighborhood. "I had friends there, lots of them," he says outside an abandoned house with boarded-up windows in the Lower Ninth Ward. "Kadija, Vernon, Tyris and Ariane. But I don't get to play with them now." Farther up the block, collapsed shells of houses lie in multicolored heaps. The park where, Kendell says, "I used to hit a ball with my bat" is now deserted, grown over with weeds taller than a little boy. On the second anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, everywhere in this neighborhood near where the levee broke it's the same