Northwest Greenland Active Source Seismic Experiment


In summer of 2018, the Seismometer to Investigate Ice and Ocean Structure (SIIOS) team conducted a geophysical field investigation on the Greenland ice sheet in northwestern Greenland at a location where a previous airborne radar survey by Palmer et al. (2013) had detected the signatures of a subglacial lake. The field site is located approximately 50 km north of the town of Qaanaaq. This site was chosen for the SIIOS project as it provides an opportunity for studying how a lander station could be used to detect subsurface water at an icy-ocean world. The purpose of the investigation was to confirm the presence of the subglacial lake and to measure its physical properties such as seismic impedance, as well as to estimate its depth and volume. One component of the investigation consisted of an active source seismic survey that was used to create a reflection image of the lake, as well as to measure the ice-bottom reflection coefficient. The survey was conducted along a roughly northeast oriented traverse, which started above the subglacial lake and crossed the lake’s eastern boundary.


Line Starting Position (lat/long): 78.05494 -68.43001 Line Ending Position (lat/long): 78.06791 -68.36563