Eliminating Tobacco-Related Health Disparities: Directions for Future Research

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Fagan, Pebbles
King, Gary
Lawrence, Deirdre
Petrucci, Sallie Anne
Robinson, Robert G
Banks, David
Marable, Sharon
Grana, Rachel
Fagan, Pebbles and King, Gary and Lawrence, Deirdre and Petrucci, Sallie Anne and Robinson, Robert G and Banks, David and Marable, Sharon and Grana, Rachel (2004) Eliminating Tobacco-Related Health Disparities: Directions for Future Research. American Journal of Public Health, 94 (2). pp. 211-217.
Certain groups in the United States remain at high risk and suffer disproportinately from tobacco-related illness and death despite progress made in reducing tobacco use. To address gaps in research on tobacco-related disparities and develop a comprehensive agenda aimed at reducing such disparities, representatives from funding agencies, community-based organizations, and academic institutions convened at the National Conference on Tobacco and Health Disparities in 2002. Conference participants reviewed the current research, identified existing gaps, and prioritized scientific recommendations. Panel discussions were organized to address research areas affecting underserved and understudied populations. We report major research recommendations will ultimately help guide the field in reducing and eliminating tobacco-related disparities in the United States.