Senior ID Access Card Research Report


The Department of Parks and Recreation is seeking to increase both the number of sign-ups and participation of seniors in the M-NCPPC Senior ID program. This project supports the Department’s mission of assisting the physical, mental and social needs of Prince George’s County’s diverse and aging population through the Senior ID card. The shift to an online environment has created some barriers for seniors to enroll and stay engaged with the activities and events offered through the M-NCPPC Senior ID program. For instance, seniors in Prince George’s County have different levels of access to and expertise with the technology required to participate in remote activities and events.

The Department of Parks and Recreation is also aiming to mitigate social isolation during these difficult times. Although Department staff periodically perform wellness check-ins with seniors, the number of activities and events has significantly reduced. In-person activities like walking groups, also have limited space due to social distancing measures or have been cancelled altogether. Nonetheless, some of the seniors interviewed expressed an interest in staying active by walking or participating in the Club 300 Walk Across America program offered by the Department. Therefore, the Department of Parks and Recreation is looking for ways to keep seniors engaged by facilitating online sign-up for the Senior ID program and to hear from users about their needs and desires for the program.

The goal of this research is to understand how the Department can increase the number of Senior ID users by providing activities and services that meet the diverse needs of the Prince George’s County senior population. This research will identify barriers that prevent residents from signing up for a Senior ID and what opportunities exist to increase sign-ups. It will also highlight effective communication strategies to recruit new members and retain and increase participation in the Senior ID program. Finally, this research will explore how the Department can promote member socialization and connectivity in an online environment.


Final Project for INST710: User Experience Research Methods (Fall 2020). University of Maryland, College Park.