The State of Black America 2008 in the Black Woman's Voice

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Jones , Stephanie and Malveaux, Julianne, eds. National Urban League (2008) The State of Black America 2008 in the Black Woman's Voice. National Urban League , New York City, pp. 1-7.


Since 1976, the National Urban League has released its annual State of Black America (SOBA) report, a barometer of conditions of the African-American community in the United States. The 2008 edition of the State of Black America report is subtitled “In the Black Woman’s Voice.” As the subtitle suggests, the report provides the black female perspective of the challenges that currently confront women of color in America. With a Foreword by the esteemed Dr. Dorothy I. Height, president of the National Council of Negro Women, the 2008 State of Black America features essays from noted black female scholars, political activists, business consultants and other critical thinkers. The 2008 State of Black America presents the National Urban League’s groundbreaking Opportunity Compact, a comprehensive set of principles and policy recommendations designed to empower all Americans to be full participants in the economic and social mainstream of this nation. The Compact is not only detailed The Opportunity Compact provides the framework for the 2008 edition, with several essays addressing the recommendations set out in the Compact..