Frederick Municipal Airport: Expansion & Business Development Strategy


Frederick Airport (FDK) has the potential to become a self-sufficient, leading executive airport by focusing on increasing the number of customers and leveraging existing space and expertise. The runway extension will increase the number of potential customers that can land at FDK, but an improved online presence will attract customers who simply were not aware of FDK. Frederick can also capitalize on existing space, in turn capturing additional revenue, by building additional T hangars, which will simultaneously satisfy the backlog of customers waiting for hangar space to rent. Additionally, recommendations are to improve the airport’s value to the community by hosting aviation related events and participating in “agritourism” with hot air balloon type services. The future of the unmanned aerial vehicle industry may also present opportunities for FDK to provide valuable services; however, it may present safety issues and Frederick should make a concerted effort to stay apprised of the best practices in order to keep air travel at FDK safe.


Final project for BUMO758K: Management Consulting (Fall 2014). Robert H. Smith School of Business, University of Maryland, College Park.