New Market Plains Vineyard Redesign


New Market Plains Vineyard is situated on a 260+ acre farm in the town of New Market within Fredrick County, Maryland. The town of New Market and the owners of New Market Plains Vineyard, in coordination with the Partnership for Action Learning in Sustainability (PALS) and undergraduate Landscape Architecture students at the University of Maryland, are interested in developing the site to support and expand amenities available to visitors. Because the property has been in the family since its acquisition in 1747, the owners have a strong tie to the land and hope to continually display its historical significance and interpretive natural systems as part of the project, as they expand the event potential and expanded operations of the winery. The town of New Market is interested in promoting tourism and sharing in the rich history of the site. The site is impacted by highway noise, rock outcroppings, invasive plant species and some hydric soils. The attributes include vistas to the surrounding countryside, abundant water supply, meadows, grasslands, forest, elevation and exposure suitable for growing grapes, and excellent public access. To approach this project, four design teams were tasked with identifying the site’s opportunities and constraints with a focus on historic qualities, natural systems, and expanding vineyard operations. Each team expanded on these opportunities and constraints, some placing emphasis on business operations and others on historic value and educational opportunities. Using this analysis of the existing site conditions, the teams developed individual design programs of what elements they felt would best realize the property’s full potential. The teams made two visits to the site over the course of the project, to locate and identify areas of significance to their designs. Halfway through the design process the teams delivered an interim presentation to the vineyard owners; to receive feedback on the direction their work was taking. Using this review the teams completed their final designs, which include a master plan for the site, an enlarged plan for the main winery complex, and a grading plan for a new underground wine storage facility. The size of the site facilitated the implementation of nature trails of varying difficulty, which each team has incorporated in their design. Each individual member of the class also participated in a competition to design the new entry sign for the vineyard. The winning sign was designed by Rachel Greenhawk and is displayed on the cover of this document. Compiled in this booklet are the materials produced by the teams over the duration of this project. The results are a diverse and innovative selection of proposals, with the goal of serving as an examination of possibilities for future development. These designs provide the owners with various suggestions for how to restore their property and to elevate New Market Plains Vineyards into a thriving local destination.


Final Project for LARC 340 Site Planning and Design Studio (Fall 2018). University of Maryland, College Park.