Strategic Plan to Eliminate Health Disparities in New Jersey

dc.contributor.authorHolmes, Linda
dc.contributor.authorJoyner, Tonya
dc.contributor.authorGonzalez, Jose
dc.contributor.authorHenry, Tamara
dc.contributor.authorSharma, Sudha
dc.contributor.authorMonroe, Daisy
dc.contributor.authorMingo, Brie
dc.description.abstractIn September 2004, the New Jersey Legislature authorized the Commissioner of the Department of Health and Senior Services (the Department) to establish the Eliminating Health Disparities Initiative in the Office on Minority and Multicultural Health (OMMH). Public Law 2004, c. 137, required the OMMH to develop and implement a comprehensive, coordinated plan to improve the health of racial and ethnic minorities within the State. In New Jersey, like throughout the nation, health disparities are deep, persistent and complex. The Eliminating Health Disparities Initiative provides an opportunity to examine the Department’s programs that target specific minority populations, identifies strengths of the Department’s programs and proposes new strategies. The NJDHSS Plan to Eliminate Health Disparities (the Plan) is the Department’s strategy book on a comprehensive and targeted effort to address some of the major issues that contribute to racial and ethnic health disparities in New Jersey.
dc.identifier.citationHolmes, Linda and Joyner, Tonya and Gonzalez, Jose and Henry, Tamara and Sharma, Sudha and Monroe, Daisy and Mingo, Brie New Jersey Office of Minority and Multicultural Health (2007) Strategic Plan to Eliminate Health Disparities in New Jersey. Project Report. UNSPECIFIED.
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dc.subjectState Offices of Minority Health
dc.subjectNew Jersey
dc.subjectracial and ethnic minorities
dc.subjecthealth disparities
dc.subjectminority populations
dc.subjectminority communities
dc.titleStrategic Plan to Eliminate Health Disparities in New Jersey
dc.typeTechnical Report