The City of Frederick – An Architectural Tour Guide

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The City of Frederick requested an architectural tour guide as part of this year’s PALS initiative. With a rich history and well-preserved historic district, the City’s historic resources draw local, regional, and national attention. Tourists seek out Frederick’s diverse cultural attractions. While the City has several existing tour guides, none specifically highlight architectural resources. The existing tour guides are also difficult to access as they are scattered across different websites and brochures.This project sought to address the City’s need for an architectural tour guide in a comprehensive way. The goal was to provide the content necessary to produce an architectural tour guide, one that could be used on various platforms including brochures, websites, or apps (see Attached Brochure). The project takes an interactive approach to the tour guide, focusing on the content, translating this content into a range of user-friendly media, and making recommendations on how to make these resources as available as possible. This paper should be viewed as a resource and as a background document for the actual tour guide, explaining how and why various choices were made.


Final project for HISP655 Vernacular Architecture (Fall 2014). School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation, University of Maryland, College Park.