Perspectives on American Indian Health

dc.contributor.authorRoubideaux, Yvette, MD, MPH
dc.description.abstractAmerican Indians and Alaska Natives continue to experience significant disparities in health status compared with the US general population and now are facing the new challenges of rising rates of chronic diseases. The Indian health system continues to try to meet the federal trust responsibility to provide health care for American Indians and Alaska Natives despite significant shortfalls in funding, resources, and staff. New approaches to these Indian health challenges, including a greater focus on public health, community-based interventions, and tribal management of health programs, provide hope that the health of Indian communities will improve in the near future.
dc.identifier.citationRoubideaux, Yvette, MD, MPH (2002) Perspectives on American Indian Health. American Journal of Public Health, 92 (9). pp. 1401-1403.
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dc.subjectHealth Equity
dc.subjectAccess To Healthcare
dc.subjectChronic Illness & Diseases
dc.subjectAmerican Indians
dc.subjectAlaska Natives
dc.subjectsignificant disparities
dc.subjectchronic diseases
dc.subjecthealth challenges
dc.subjectcommunity-based interventions
dc.subjecttribal management of health programs
dc.titlePerspectives on American Indian Health