Using A New Twist On Enterprise Zones To Eliminate Health Disparities

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Reece, E. Albert (2012) Using A New Twist On Enterprise Zones To Eliminate Health Disparities. Kaiser Health News.


The Maryland General Assembly is considering a series of bold initiatives that have been proposed to reduce and eliminate health disparities, especially in our most underserved communities. The recommendations come from a 13-member Health Disparities Workgroup that I chaired at the request of Lieutenant Governor Anthony Brown. The workgroup is a diverse panel of experts in health disparities, physicians and scientists, and leaders in public health, government and business. While Maryland has some of the best hospitals and healthcare facilities in the nation, and the third highest median household income, our state continues to have high rates of health disparities and health outcomes. African-American Marylanders, who are almost twice as likely to lack health insurance as white Marylanders, have infant mortality rates that are almost three times higher and an HIV infection rate that is almost 12 times higher than the white population in the state. These disparities pose a…