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  • Where in the world is my tweet: Detecting irregular removal patterns on Twitter 

    Timoneda, Joan C. (PLoS, 2018-09-20)
    Twitter data are becoming an important part of modern political science research, but key aspects of the inner workings of Twitter streams as well as self-censorship on the platform require further research. A particularly ...

    Moench, John Otto Dax (1959)
    For the past decade and more, the United States, through its military departments, other agencies of government, and private organizations, has placed a considerable investment in national and international standardization. ...
  • Island Land Loss in the Chesapeake Bay: A Quantitative and Process Analysis 

    Wray, Rachel Donham (1992)
    The rates and processes of land loss were studied for seven islands in the Chesapeake Bay: Barren, Bloodsworth, Hooper, James, Poplar, Smith and South Marsh Islands. Rates and patterns of land loss were quantified for ...
  • The Fair Housing Movement: An Overview and a Case Study 

    Noe, Kaye Sizer (1965)
    The fair housing movement is a recent development in the general civil rights movement. While subscribing to the ideology of the general movement, community fair housing groups concentrate upon making middle-income, and ...
  • An Evolution of Land Use in Kent County, Maryland 

    Singleton, Carey B. Jr (1953)
    The object of this study is to determine the land use changes that have taken place in Kent County, located on the Eastern Shore of Maryland (See Fig. 1) with emphasis on recent land use changes. The principal objectives of ...

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