A Prototype for a Distributed Space Physics Data System

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Falkenberg, Charles
Goodrich, Chuck
Gallagher, James
Cornillon, Peter
Flierl, Glenn
The collaborative analysis of data within the Space Physics community is hindered, in part, by the wide number of data formats and the wide distribution of data archives. In an attempt to address these two problems we have implemented a prototype which retrieves datasets, stored in different data formats at several remote locations. Our prototype uses the Key Parameter Visualization Tools (KPVT) and the Distributed Oceanographic Data System (DODS) to view data from the ISEE1, ISEE2, and ISTP programs. Our goal is to demonstrate the ability to access and use several types of remote data and existing analysis tools. The work described demonstrates the power of an expressive data model, like the one in DODS, for converting and transmitting space physics data. Furthermore, since the DODS system architecture (and associated data model) was developed to meet oceanographic needs, the fact that it works well for use within the space physics community suggests that the DODS approach will also work well as a data distribution mechanism for the other earth science sub-disciplines. Given the growing interest in interdisciplinary work in the earth sciences the existence of a data model/system capable of spanning the various sub-disciplines is significant.