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Recent Submissions

  • Feature extraction in image processing and deep learning 

    Li, Yiran (2018)
    This thesis develops theoretical analysis of the approximation properties of neural networks, and algorithms to extract useful features of images in fields of deep learning, quantum energy regression and cancer image ...
  • Retention of Concepts and Skills in Traditional and Reformed Applied Calculus 

    Garner, Bradley Evan (1998)
    A fundamental question is currently being asked throughout the collegiate mathematics education community: "How can we help students understand and remember calculus better?" There seems to be general dissatisfaction with ...

    Hunter, Ryan (2017)
    In this thesis we introduce a Monge–Amp`ere iteration to be a sequence of convex functions {ϕi}i∈N which solve the sequence of Monge–Amp`ere equations det(∇2ϕi+1) = h ◦ ϕi with second boundary values ∇ϕi+1(Rn) = A where h ...
  • Mathematical Models for Ovarian Cancer 

    Botesteanu, Dana-Adriana (2017)
    Ovarian cancer is the most fatal cancer of the female reproductive system. High-grade serous ovarian cancer (HGSOC) represent the majority of ovarian cancers and accounts for the largest proportion of deaths from the ...
  • The Metaplectic Case of the Weil-Siegel Formula 

    Sweet, William Jay Jr. (1990)
    The Weil-Siegel formula, in the form developed by Weil, asserts the equality of a special value of an Eisenstein series with the integral of a related theta series. Recently, Kudla and Rallis have extended the formula into ...

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