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Recent Submissions

  • Essays on Firm Dynamics and Job Creation 

    Choi, Joonkyu (2018)
    I describe two studies on firm dynamics and job creation. In Chapter 1, I identify a key predictor of the early growth trajectory of young firms: the outside options of the business founders. I show that entrepreneurs with ...
  • Foreign Currency Debt and Capital Flows in Emerging Markets 

    Hardy, Bryan (2018)
    This dissertation studies the determinants and consequences of capital inflows and foreign currency (FX) debt in emerging markets. Chapter 1 summarizes the topics, questions addressed, and findings. Chapter 2 studies the ...
  • Essays on Unintended Effects of Government Policies 

    Goodman, Lucas William (2018)
    Public finance economics is often concerned with the "unintended consequences" of government policies, as an evaluation of these unintended effects is required to obtain a complete picture of the efficacy of a given policy. ...
  • Essays on Individual Responses to Labor Market Conditions and Policies 

    Wilson, Riley (2018)
    This dissertation examines how individuals respond to changing conditions and policies in the labor market, with a particular interest in understanding economically motivated migration and labor force attachment. I first ...
  • A Monetary Base Analysis and Control Model for Turkey 

    Gursel, Haluk Ferden (1976)
    A monetary base analysis and control model is the focus of the paper. In the first chapter, the monetary base approach is presented and the links between monetary base, money supply and money income are shown. Further, the ...

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