Economics Theses and Dissertations

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  • Essays on Entrepreneurship, Labor Markets, and Business Cycles 

    Garcia-Trujillo, Gonzalo Alberto (2021)
    This dissertation studies the relationship between entrepreneurship, labor markets, and business cycles. Chapter 1 studies how the labor market conditions affect the formation and growth potential of new businesses over ...
  • Essays on Treatment Effects from Multiple Unordered Choices 

    Galindo Pardo, Camila Andrea (2021)
    I study some of the methodological and empirical challenges associated with estimating treatment effects of one option versus another, in contexts where agents can choose from many alternatives with no clear rank (i.e., ...
  • Economic Development in Southern Italy Since the Establishment of La Cassa per il Mezzogiorno 

    De Bone, Anthony Louis (1965)
    The study begins with a survey of the social and economic structure of the area. Attention is then focused on the nature of economic dualism in Italy by pointing out that the Northern economy yields to those employed ...
  • The Economic Development of Iran 

    Abbas, Ordoobadi (1948)
    In the machine age, with the advance of mass production, a new problem has occupied the minds of economists. This new problem is not the Malthusian doctrine of inadequate supplies but rather that of a rate of production ...
  • Essays on Bridging Economic and Educational Disparities in America 

    Zuo, George Wayne (2021)
    In this dissertation, I study policies to bridge disparities in broadband access and job search, school discipline, and local economic development in low-income neighborhoods. In Chapter 2, I present evidence on the ...

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