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Recent Submissions

  • Crafting a Unity: Challenging a Culture of Conflict 

    Black, Antoinette (2019)
    In a culture of division, this thesis will explore the visualization of a unity between contrasting groups of people. The current political climate of division and racial tension surrounding Black Lives Matter continues ...

    Litzinger, Ryan James (2018)
    This thesis focuses on the large number cities with post-industrial remnant buildings. These buildings often hold historical and cultural significance but are often left underutilized, vacant, or are destroyed. This thesis ...
  • A Communal Retreat for Writers in the Adirondacks 

    Makker, Kirin Joya (2002)
    This thesis will explore the design of a retreat for writers in Adirondack Park in upper New York State. The intent of the project is to investigate how the 'border' between a group of buildings and the natural wooded ...
  • Seeking Asylum: Race, Memory, and the American Landscape 

    Tai, Daniela (2019)
    The stories and places we choose to preserve tell us who we are as a people. What does it say about ourselves when the stories that are associated with a particular place are ones that we wish to keep in the dark? As we ...
  • Reclaiming Identity: Utilizing Historic Fabric to Revitalize Downtown Rochester 

    Haley, Kelly Marie (2019)
    America’s first boomtown, Rochester, New York, rapidly decentralized after World War II. Like other mid-sized industrial cities, Rochester struggled to retain residents and businesses as suburbia flourished. Recently, the ...

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