Terrestrial Scanning LiDAR of Kilbourne Hole Maar, Potrillo Volcanic Field, New Mexico

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Whelley, Patrick
Enriquez, Frankie
Richardson, Jacob
Hurtado, José
Young, Kelsey
Bleacher, Jacob
Archived are point clouds collected using the Goddard Instrument Filed Team's Riegl VZ-400, a Terrestrial Scanning LiDAR.
Dataset Name: Terrestrial Scanning LiDAR of Kilbourne Hole Maar, Potrillo Volcanic Field, New Mexico Short Name: Kilbourne2019_Whelley File Names: kilbourne_TLS_01_UTMz13N_Whelley.las kilbourne_TLS_02_UTMz13N_Whelley.las Collection Platform: Terrestrial Scanning LiDAR ---------------------------------------------------------- Dataset Overview: Data was collected in June 2017 and March 2018 for ultra-high resolution mapping of Kilbourne Hole, a mar crater in the Potrillo Volcanic Field in southeastern New Mexico. Data was collected by the NASA Goddard Instrument Filed Team. Approximately 0.1 km2 of ultra-high resolution data were collected for this project. Dataset Acknowledgement: Data collection was partially funded by the RIS4E (The Remote, In Situ, and Synchrotron Studies for Science and Exploration; Principal Investigator Tim Glotch) node of NASA’s SSERVI (Solar System Exploration Research Virtual Institute), and (in 2018) the NASA Goddard Instrument Field Team. Data were collected under Bureau of Land Management Research Permit #:1814 (L0310) to J. Bleacher and J. Hurtado. Dataset Keywords: lidar, ultra-high resolution, Kilbourne, Potrillo, Surge Bed, Maar, New Mexico. Survey Date: 06/05/2017 - 06/05/2017, 03/10/2018 - 03/12/2018 ---------------------------------------------------------- Data Provider and Roles: 1. NASA Goddard Instrument Field Team Role: Collector Url: https://ssed.gsfc.nasa.gov/MajorRandAThemes/GIFT/index.html 2. National Aeronautics and Space Administration Role: Funder Url: https://nasa.gov/ ---------------------------------------------------------- Total lidar Points: kilbourne_TLS_01_UTMz13N_Whelley.las: 2,552,233 pts kilbourne_TLS_02_UTMz13N_Whelley.las: 12,863,831 pts Area: 0.1 km^2 Point Density: Variable, up to 16,000 pts/m^2 Coordinates System: Horizontal: WGS84 / UTM Zone 13N [EPSG: 32613] Vertical: ITRF2000 [EPSG: 4919]