Facilitating Mutually Beneficial Community Based Research

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Brown, Barbara
Bennett, Rosemary
Christiansen, Carleton
Garciaz, Maria
Hollister, Lynn
Hunter, Rosemarie
Juarez, Maricruz
Maturana, Roberto
Mohamed, Abdullkhaliq H.
Mori, Vicki
Brown, Barbara and Bennett, Rosemary and Christiansen, Carleton and Garciaz, Maria and Hollister, Lynn and Hunter, Rosemarie and Juarez, Maricruz and Maturana, Roberto and Mohamed, Abdullkhaliq H. and Mori, Vicki and Munro, Sarah and Prospero, Moises and Schmit, Kim and Senbel, Maged and Small, Marc and Stark, Louisa and Timberlake, Mike and Welch, Marshall Community Research Collaborative (2007) Facilitating Mutually Beneficial Community Based Research. Other. UNSPECIFIED.
University Neighborhood Partners (UNP) has chosen to refl ect upon its past eff orts and set a goal to defi ne and encourage high quality Community-Based Research (CBR). h is document refl ects UNP’s eff orts, in conjunction with Dr. Barbara Brown’s Community Scholar in Residence (CSIR) project, to examine Community-Based Research. What does mutually-benefi cial, Community-Based Research mean for researchers and community partners? What are barriers to its success? How can UNP provide information and tools to overcome barriers and help facilitate successful research partnerships? What options would be useful for UNP to consider for the future? To address these issues, university and community representatives experienced with collaborative Community-Based Research were invited to join the Community Research Collaborative (CRC). h ese individuals refl ected on the barriers to and benefi ts from Community-Based Research. h ey assessed what mechanisms would be helpful to that ensure future Community-Based Research partnerships can learn from past eff orts and provide mutual benefi t to community and university members. h ey identifi ed a variety of ways in which UNP could facilitate partnership initiation and development, as well as provide a variety of tools to support public scholarship.