Reducing Disparities: Goals, Roles, and Opportunities Roundtable Themes and Implications

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Meyers, Kate
Meyers, Kate (2006) Reducing Disparities: Goals, Roles, and Opportunities Roundtable Themes and Implications. In: Roundtable: Reducing Disparities: Goals, Roles, and Opportunities , September 20, 2006, San Francisco, California.
A vast published literature documents the existence of disparities in health and health care in the United States. Today, many organizations seeking to reduce disparities are moving beyond documenting the problem to focusing on solutions. Most current nationally prominent initiatives to reduce disparities take place within health care systems and focus on specific conditions, populations, or care settings. Fewer efforts have been made to discern how public and private policy actors and decision-makers can work collectively to address the broader range of interacting factors that impact disparities – including but not limited to the health care system. Kaiser Permanente’s Institute for Health Policy, Kaiser Permanente Community Benefit, and The California Endowment saw an opportunity to bring together 30 experts on health disparities in September 2006 in San Francisco. This roundtable aimed to push the dialogue on health disparities beyond the usual boundaries of health systems and toward notions of multi sectoral collaboration, stakeholder engagement, and developing policy solutions to address the broad range of underlying influences on health.