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    Ostrander, Aaron Jacob (2019)
    This thesis describes quantum algorithms for Hamiltonian simulation, ordinary differential equations (ODEs), and partial differential equations (PDEs). Product formulas are used to simulate Hamiltonians which can be ...
  • Machine Learning Approaches for Data-Driven Analysis and Forecasting of High-Dimensional Chaotic Dynamical Systems 

    Pathak, Jaideep (2019)
    We consider problems in the forecasting of large, complex, spatiotemporal chaotic systems and the possibility that machine learning might be a useful tool for significant improvement of such forecasts. Focusing on weather ...
  • Electronic and Magnetic Properties of MnP-Type Binary Compounds 

    Campbell, Daniel James (2019)
    The interactions between electrons, and the resulting impact on physical properties, are at the heart of present-day materials science. This thesis looks at this idea through the lens of several compounds from a single ...
  • Nonequilibrium Dynamics in Open Quantum Systems 

    Young, Jeremy (2019)
    Due to the variety of tools available to control atomic, molecular, and optical (AMO) systems, they provide a versatile platform for studying many-body physics, quantum simulation, and quantum computation. Although extensive ...
  • Topological Rare Earth Half-Heusler HoPtBi 

    Roncaioli, Connor Andrew (2019)
    Magnetic HoPtBi is created and characterized as a new half-Heusler Weyl-candidate. By analogy with the well-studied GdPtBi system we undertake measurements intended to understand the normal state of this material, before ...

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