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Recent Submissions

  • D.C.’S DYKARIES: PHASE ONE – D.C.’s LAST DYKE BAR (1971-2016) 

    Ginter, Ty (2019-05)
    This project focuses on Phase One, a lesbian bar open from 1971 to 2016, which, before it closed, became the longest continuously operating lesbian bar in the United States. This project seeks to answer the question: Why ...
  • A Place to Start: A Toolkit for Documenting LGBTQ Heritage in Baltimore City (and Beyond) 

    Boyle, Katherine; Ginter, Ty; Haley, Kelly Marie; Tai, Daniela; Schindler, Kelly; Schrantz, Emma (2018-12)
    During the fall of 2018, the Historic Preservation Studio (HISP 650) graduate course at the University of Maryland, College Park, was tasked with creating a toolkit for LGBTQ heritage documentation in Baltimore City by ...
  • Baltimore Alley House Study 

    Bondarenko, Iryna; Castro Cerdas, Juan; Gibson, Jamesha; Mehrotra, Ridhima; Narron, Jack; Olafusi, Abidemi; Pickens, Meagan; Seguin, Andrew; Shell, Nayo; Simmons, Holly; Vargas, Hadassah (2017)
    This report, prepared as part of a joint studio between graduate students in the Master of Community Planning and the Master of Historic Preservation programs at the University of Maryland, College Park, for the Maryland ...
  • The Rossborough Inn on the Campus of the University of Maryland 

    Butler, Melissa; Westmont, V. Camille; Totten, Elizabeth (2017)
    This study of the Rossborough Inn was undertaken by graduate students in the University of Maryland Historic Preservation Program under the aegis of the university’s Office of Facilities Management. The goal of the project ...
  • "Mixed Use" in Peabody Heights: Using Original Development Principles to Resurrect a Baltimore Neighborhood 

    Hayes, Daniel FC (2017)
    Once strong, vibrant, primarily-residential neighborhoods, often interspersed with institutional, commercial, and industrial functions, many inner-city areas have been negatively transformed since WWII though substantive ...

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