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  • Essays in Financial Economics 

    Zhou, Wei (2022)
    This dissertation contains two essays in market microstructure and institutional asset management. The first essay studies a dynamic model of strategic trading where the parameters of temporary price impact (how price ...
  • Essays on Mutual Fund Performance Evaluation and Investors' Capital Allocations 

    Cao, Bingkuan (2022)
    The dissertation contains two chapters that studies the performance of mutual funds and investors' capital allocations. In the first chapter, I study mutual funds' portfolio management and investors' capital allocations ...
  • Triptych in Empirical Finance 

    Delalay, Sylvain (2022)
    This dissertation contains three chapters that explore topics in empirical finance and political economy. In Chapter 1, I study how the fundraising revenues of political campaigns affect the outcome of U.S. elections. ...
  • Essays on Financial Markets 

    Peppe, Matthew David (2022)
    This dissertation contains three essays on financial markets concerning the relationship between short interest and returns in over-the-counter (OTC) equities, the effect of obtaining a rating on municipal bond offering ...

    Li, Shuaiqi (2021)
    This dissertation contains two essays empirically exploring the equity option markets. Chapter 1 studies the role played by institutional investors in determining equity option returns. In this chapter, I study whether ...

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