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Recent Submissions

  • Essays in Industrial Organization 

    Paek, Yongjoon (2018)
    The dissertation focuses on two issues that are broadly related to the urban planning of Washington, DC. The first two chapters consider the burgeoning food truck industry in Washington, DC and the third chapter considers ...
  • Essays on Educational Vouchers 

    Sanchez Montesinos, Cristian (2018)
    This dissertation examines three different but related aspects of educational voucher programs. An introductory chapter describes the relevant questions in the literature, and draws a connecting line between the three ...

    Matsumoto, Hidehiko (2018)
    In the first chapter, I develop a quantitative small-open-economy model to assess the optimal pace of foreign reserve accumulation by developing countries. The model features endogenous growth with foreign direct investment ...
  • Essays on Firm Dynamics, Local Financial Markets, and the Business Cycle 

    Blackwood, Glenn Jacob (2018)
    In this dissertation, I explore the relative importance of financial markets for businesses on both firm-level and aggregate outcomes. In my second chapter, I find empirically that local banking conditions are important ...
  • Essays on Product Dynamics of Multiproduct Firms 

    Guo, Diyue (2018)
    Multiproduct firms account for a large fraction of economic activity and actively change their product mix. This dissertation consists of two chapters studying the product dynamics of multiproduct firms. In Chapter 1, I ...

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