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Recent Submissions

  • A Monetary Base Analysis and Control Model for Turkey 

    Gursel, Haluk Ferden (1976)
    A monetary base analysis and control model is the focus of the paper. In the first chapter, the monetary base approach is presented and the links between monetary base, money supply and money income are shown. Further, the ...
  • Essays on Macroeconomics and International Finance 

    Leon-Diaz, John Jairo (2017)
    My doctoral research contributes to the fields of macroeconomics and international finance. Within macroeconomics, I have explored the role of financial frictions in shaping macroeconomic outcomes following a recession. ...
  • The Gwx Story 

    Almon, Clopper (, 2017)
    This is the story in tutorial form of the creation of a program, Gwx, for building economic models, both macroeconomic and multisectoral. The program closely resembles the G7 program. Like G7, it is written in C++ but it ...
  • The Craft of Economic Modeling 

    Almon, Cloppper (, 2017)
    This book is a practical guide to building economic models, both macroeconomic and multisectoral. It uses free software available from the Internet together with regularly updated databanks including the quarterly national ...
  • Essays on the distributional and welfare effects of international trade 

    Xu, Yang (2017)
    International trade brings welfare gains from specialization, but generates inequality because production factors differ across industries and firms. This dissertation consists of two chapters that study the impacts of ...

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