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  • On Numerical Analysis in Residue Number Systems 

    Lindamood, George Edward (1964)
    Recent attempts to utilize residue number systems in digital computers have raised numerous questions about adapting the techniques of numerical analysis to residue number systems. Among these questions are the ...
  • Few amino acid positions in rpoB are associated with most of the rifampin resistance in Mycobacterium tuberculosis 

    Cummings, Michael P; Segal, Mark R (Springer Nature, 2004-09-28)
    Mutations in rpoB, the gene encoding the β subunit of DNA-dependent RNA polymerase, are associated with rifampin resistance in Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Several studies have been conducted where minimum inhibitory ...
  • Genome re-annotation: a wiki solution? 

    Salzberg, Steven L (Springer Nature, 2007-02-01)
    The annotation of most genomes becomes outdated over time, owing in part to our ever-improving knowledge of genomes and in part to improvements in bioinformatics software. Unfortunately, annotation is rarely if ever updated ...
  • A finite element model for protein transport in vivo 

    Sadegh Zadeh, Kouroush; Elman, Howard C; Montas, Hubert J; Shirmohammadi, Adel (Springer Nature, 2007-06-28)
    Biological mass transport processes determine the behavior and function of cells, regulate interactions between synthetic agents and recipient targets, and are key elements in the design and use of biosensors. Accurately ...
  • Comparative study of meningitis dynamics across nine African countries: a global perspective 

    Broutin, Hélène; Philippon, Solenne; de Magny, Guillaume Constantin; Courel, Marie-Françoise; Sultan, Benjamin; Guégan, Jean-François (Springer Nature, 2007-07-10)
    Meningococcal meningitis (MM) represents an important public health problem especially in the "meningitis belt" in Africa. Although seasonality of epidemics is well known with outbreaks usually starting in the dry season, ...

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