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Recent Submissions

  • Cell Maps on the Human Genome 

    Cherniak, Christopher; Rodriguez-Esteban, Raul (2018-06-01)
    Sub-cellular organization is significantly mapped onto the human genome: Evidence is reported for a "cellunculus" -- on the model of a homunculus, on the H. sapiens genome. We have previously described a statistically ...
  • Digital Words: Moving Forward with Measuring the Readability of Online Texts 

    Redmiles, Elissa M.; Maszkiewicz, Lisa; Hwang, Emily; Kuchhal, Dhruv; Liu, Everest; Morales, Miraida; Peskov, Denis; Rao, Sudha; Stevens, Rock; Gligoric, Kristina; Kross, Sean; Mazurek, Michelle L.; Daumé, Hal III (2018-10-26)
    The readability of a digital text can influence people’s information acquisition (Wikipedia articles), online security (how-to articles), and even health (WebMD). Readability metrics can also alter search rankings and are ...
  • Provenance Management for Collaborative Data Science Workflows 

    Miao, Hui (2018)
    Collaborative data science activities are becoming pervasive in a variety of communities, and are often conducted in teams, with people of different expertise performing back-and-forth modeling and analysis on time-evolving ...

    Lekakis, Vasileios (2018)
    Building applications on cloud services is cost-effective and allows for rapid development and release cycles. However, relying on cloud services can severely limit applications’ ability to control their own consistency ...
  • Sparse Representations and Feature Learning for Image Set Classification and Correspondence Estimation 

    Fathy, Mohammed E. (2018)
    The use of effective features is a key component in solving many computer vision tasks including, but not limited to, image (set) classification and correspondence estimation. Many research directions have focused on finding ...

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