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Recent Submissions

  • Building Wellness: Reimagining Space and Shaping Urban Lifestlye 

    Bridge, Brandon (2018)
    What does it mean to live well? Philosophers and theorists have described the “good life” for thousands of years as the pursuit of happiness and success - living well. Today, Americans spend over 90% of their time indoors ...
  • Cultural Tourism: Unearthing Sudan's Hidden Gems 

    Elmahadi, Alla Abubakr Mandour (2018)
    By 2027, Sudan is anticipated to attract over 1.2 million visitors from across the globe, annually, for the purposes of tourism. Clouded by issues of political instability and poverty, the country is finding a new path for ...
  • From Hill to Harbor 

    Giron, Leslie (2018)
    This thesis focuses on bringing an art hub onto Baltimore’s civic waterfront of the Inner Harbor, specifically on Rash Field. Rash Field has been an unsightly and underutilized space, and is considered to be the last ...
  • Water and Architecture: An Amphibious Solution to Urban Flooding 

    Asson, Bryan Jonathan (2018)
    This thesis intends to address the phenomenon of urban erosion through an understanding and application of Metabolist principles. One of the core elements of the Metabolist movement is a versatile was a megastructure that ...
  • Framing Industry: Film-making to Place-making 

    Shook, Timothy Scott (2018)
    This thesis looks at the relationship between film-making and place-making. More specifically, the cinematic techniques used in film and how to translate them into architecture. The thesis proposes a film institute that ...

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