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The collections in this community comprise faculty research works, as well as graduate theses and dissertations.

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  • Gateway to the City: Reconnecting Center City Philadelphia to the Delaware River Waterfront 

    Gavin, David Michael (2012)
    This thesis proposes to examine the relationship between the dense city core of Philadelphia and the Delaware River waterfront. The thesis will consider the possibility of reestablishing connectivity between the city and ...
  • Vertical Urbanism 

    Alemayehu, Yoel (2017)
    Oxford defines culture as ideas, customs, and social behaviors of a particular people or society; the attitudes and behavioral characteristics of a certain social group. For the most part this is good; that is the culture ...
  • Integrating Infrastructure South of the Capitol 

    Camargo de Albuquerque Sanchez, Pedro Henrique (2017)
    This thesis looks at the role that infrastructure plays as it relates to the city. It is about taking an area of uninhabitable and divisive infrastructure and elevating it to something civic. It focuses in an area just ...
  • The Contemporary Local Market: Creating a Network of Food Distribution 

    Shanklin, Eli William (2017)
    During the United Nations’ 1996 World Food Summit, the concept of “food security” was defined as existing “when all people, at all times, have physical, [social] and economic access to sufficient, safe and nutritious food ...
  • Remembering Place: Reviving the Ritual of Making 

    Pasquerello, Stephen Michael (2017)
    This thesis will address the reclamation of an abandoned building to revive its historical significance and restore its sense of place. We aim to preserve and enhance the value of the building in ways that remember the ...

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