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The collections in this community comprise faculty research works, as well as graduate theses and dissertations.

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  • Cultivating Community Health: Linking Agriculture and Public Space through Education 

    Thornton, Arica L (2018)
    Parts of Washington, DC are considered a food desert, where people have little or no access to fresh food. As small grocers, marketplaces, and food shops have closed, the remaining options are fast food and convenience ...
  • An Architecture of Activism: Grassroots Organizing in the Digital Age 

    Akbar, Wadiah (2018)
    This thesis responds to the culture of fear and division that is dominating American society today by asking how architecture can better facilitate debate and dialogue in the digital age. It aims to make a place for the ...
  • Enhancing Recovery: Architecture that Heals 

    Machado, Christiane Jones (2018)
    This thesis will explore how architecture and the natural environment can aid in the recovery of one’s health by dissecting the current relationships between landscape and building, and its impact on healing. Traditional ...
  • Deconstructing the Wall: A Prototype for Alternative Housing 

    Oh Boun, Sandra (2018)
    This project aims to address the social injustice of the treatment and living conditions of immigrants. Specifically, immigrants detained in detention centers and private facilities. Families, usually women and children, ...

    Smith, Elisabeth (2018)
    Over the past decade, shopping malls across the United States have been on the decline, many left abandoned and deserted. However, some urban shopping complexes have not yet been uninhibited, due to their proximity to city ...

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