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Recent Submissions

  • On The Number of Unlabeled Bipartite Graphs 

    Atmaca, Abdullah; Oruc, Yavuz A (2016)
    Let $I$ and $O$ denote two sets of vertices, where $I\cap O =\Phi$, $|I| = n$, $|O| = r$, and $B_u(n,r)$ denote the set of unlabeled graphs whose edges connect vertices in $I$ and $O$. It is shown that the following ...
  • On Number Of Partitions Of An Integer Into A Fixed Number Of Positive Integers 

    Oruc, A. Yavuz (2015-04)
    This paper focuses on the number of partitions of a positive integer $n$ into $k$ positive summands, where $k$ is an integer between $1$ and $n$. Recently some upper bounds were reported for this number in [Merca14]. Here, ...

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