Program on International Policy Attitudes (PIPA)

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Recent Submissions

  • Large Majorities Favor Congressional Proposals Limiting Negative Consequences of Criminal Records 

    Kull, Steven; Fehsenfeld, Evan; Lewitus, Evan "Charles" (2021-04-15)
    Large majorities of American voters support reforms that would limit or remove barriers to economic opportunities, housing, and voting for people with criminal records. A representative sample of 2,487 American voters ...
  • Bipartisan Majorities Favor Tax Incentives For Clean Energy and Efficiency 

    Kull, Steven; Fehsenfeld, Evan; Lewitus, Evan Charles (2020-11-13)
    A new in-depth survey finds bipartisan majorities support a number of tax incentives that seek to reduce the use of fossil fuels. The proposals, all introduced in Congress, include measures to encourage developing alternative ...
  • Americans on Police Reform 

    Kull, Steven; Fehsenfeld, Evan; Lewitus, Evan "Charles" (2020-07-14)
    For decades now, there have been periodic efforts to reform police practices and laws regarding the use of force, especially deadly force, by law enforcement officers. The recent deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor ...
  • Americans on Solving the Medicare Shortfall 

    Kull, Steven; Ramsay, Clay; Lewis (aka Fehsenfeld), Evan; Williams, Antje (2017-10-31)
    Given current policy crosscurrents, it is little wonder that even raising the subject of Medicare policy seems to open the door to anxiety among the public and among Medicare recipients. This consultation seeks to ...
  • Large Scale Study Finds Majorities in Very Red Districts Oppose Key Provisions in Tax Reform Bill 

    Kull, Steven; Lewis (aka Fehsenfeld), Evan; Martens, Francesca; Koeppel, Austin (2017-11-29)
    An in-depth survey on tax reform finds that majorities in very red districts, as well as very blue districts, oppose key provisions in the Republican tax reform bills including reducing taxes on the wealthy, reducing the ...

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