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  • How to Innovate Fearlessly: Community Notes 

    Goldfinger, Rebecca; Epps, Sharon; Dohe, Kate (2018-06-14)
    These are notes compiled by attendees of the Libraries Research & Innovative Practice Forum 2018 session entitled "How to Innovate Fearlessly," a panel featuring Sharon Epps and Kate Dohe, moderated by Rebeca Goldfinger. ...
  • Final Report,Task Force on McKeldin Library Research Commons, University of Maryland Libraries 

    Corlett-Rivera, Kelsey; Dickey Davis, Barbara; Díaz, Zaida; Ippoliti, Cynthia; Otis, Lara; Patterson, Karen; Tchangalova, Nedelina (2013-07)
    Higher education institutions are undergoing a fundamental transformation in their role in our society, economic structure, and value system. The University of Maryland (UMD) Libraries find themselves in the midst of this ...
  • EEBO in WorldCat Discovery 

    Guay, Beth (2018-06-14)
    The presentation provides a descriptive overview of the UM Libraries' Early English Books Online (EEBO) cataloging project described in "A Case Study on the Path to Resource Discovery," in Information Technology and ...
  • Solar Decathlon data management: Curating the legacy of Team Maryland 

    Durden, David; Cossard, Patricia Kosco (2018-06-14)
    University of Maryland Libraries are taking the lead in archiving and curating data sets for the UMD Solar Decathlon Team Maryland (2002, 2005, 2007, 2011, 2017, and Solar Decathlon Europe 2019). A 2017 report from the ...
  • My very first robot: Programming a Twitter bot to promote open access scholarship 

    Koivisto, Joseph; Koivisto, Joseph (2018-06-14)
    Social media is now recognized as an important element in promoting scholarship available on institutional repository sites. To capitalize on the value-added by social media engagement, automated "bots" can be deployed to ...

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