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  • Marguerite Harper: Archives and Lost Agent(cy) 

    Deinert, V. Emily Cranwell (2022-05-05)
    This presentation is a case study on archival practices that ignore or erase histories and contributions of oppressed populations. It specifically examines the story of Marguerite Harper, literary agent to well-known author ...
  • Preparing and Digitizing Brittle 19th and 20th Century Newspapers 

    Coulbourne, Mark; Pike, Robin; Draper, Bryan (Mid-Atlantic Regional Archives Conference, 2022-05)
    Digitizing brittle paper can be a difficult task that may cause tears and fractures, even when the material is carefully handled. Brittle paper in many formats can be found in archival collections. Bound newspapers in ...
  • Empowering Students and Faculty With Citation Justice Practice 

    Coalter, Jodi (2022-05-11)
    In this session, you will discuss power dynamics within citation practice, and work to create a practice that uplifts voices traditionally marginalized within predominantly white institutions (PWI). By the end of the ...
  • Consciously Editing Finding Aids at UMD Libraries 

    Caringola, Liz (2022-05-05)
    Presented at the 2022 Maryland Library Association/Delaware Library Association Conference in Cambridge, Maryland, as part of the session "Metadata and Cultural Memory: Investigating Models of Equitable and Inclusive ...
  • Linked, Controlled Folksonomy as Reparative Taxonomy 

    Bradley, Benjamin (2022-05-05)
    This presentation provides an overview of some criticism of the Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH) and then proposes a Linked, Local Folksonomy as a reparative taxonomy to address help make cataloging in libraries ...

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