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Recent Submissions

  • Inforum Models: Origin, Evolution, and By-ways Avoided 

    Almon, Clopper (Institute of Economic Forecasting, Russian Academy of Sciences, 2015)
    Inforum models combine input-output tables with econometric analysis in dynamic models in which the investment in each industry depends upon the growth of output in that industry. They have been built and used in a number ...
  • Path Curves and Plant Buds: an Introduction to the Work of Lawrence Edwards 

    Almon, Clopper (International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, 1979-07)
    Lawrence Edwards has shown that many flowering plants have buds with an outline in the form of a path curve, the curve that a point follows under repeated projective transformation of the plane into itself. Edwards, however, ...
  • Velia and the Cilento, an Introduction 

    Almon, Clopper (2013)
    Material for students in a Study Abroad course beginning in Ascea, near Velia, in Southern Italy. It begins with the geological evolution of the Mediterranean and moves on to the prehistory of the area, the coming of the ...
  • Scientific Programming with Borland C++ Builder and Codegear's Turbo C++ 

    Almon, Clopper (2008)
    This tutorial explains the use of Borland C++ Builder and Codegear Turbo C++ for writing Graphical User Interfaces for Windows for scientific, number-crunching applications. Drawing graphs and making help files are explained ...
  • A Brief Guide to C and C++ for Fortran or Basic Programmers 

    Almon, Clopper (1999)
    This paper introduces C and C++ programming for learners who already have some experience in another language such as Fortran or Basic. It explains basic syntax, dynamic space allocation, structures, classes, constructors ...

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